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I suppose it is useful to stop taking medicine from time to time to see if it still does anything? This week, I learned if I stop taking the melatonin, I just stop getting sleepy. I still get tired, just not sleepy. So instead of reluctantly going to bed at two or three, I'm forcing myself to lie down awake at dawn. On the other hand, unless I have to -- work, Henry -- the only thing that gets me out of bed is if I'm too sad to fall back asleep. Apparently, that's why Dr Feelgood thinks I should be getting shrunk, too.

Alcohol, in the amounts I use, doesn't seem to change any of the sleeping, and I discovered the best "hangover" cure is eating after noon the day before. Does numb things, though.

OTOH, I don't miss the welbutrin. I forgot to take it once. I know why I take it. Even when I tried reducing the dose, it was bad.

I told Henry when Halloween was over I was going to get a bunch of door hangings on sale and cover all my windows and pull down what curtains Lisa left. He didn't think it was a horrible idea, so we went out last weekend and bought some. I still need to hang them up. Also need to hang back up the things that have been falling down the past few weeks. Apparently even push pins go bad. I've had them start to come apart in my hands.
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